Hey there. My name is Bucari Balde and I live in Sal, Cape Verde. I am originally from Guinea-Bissau, but immigrated to Cape Verde over 10 years ago. I planned to study Informatics in the capital town, but since that didn't work out I was moving from job to job, working in construction, hotel security and lots of other places. Two years after I arrived I started to work on a conservation project that changed my life. 

More than 4 years I solely worked for SOS Tartarugas, a project that was commited to protect marine wildlife in Sal. I worked as a Ranger mainly protecting the Nesting Turtles from being poached. This was a very special time for me. I got deeply involved with these amazing animals and my whole mentality changed. I evolved a feeling of environmental care and awareness and simply fell in love with Mother Nature and all the amazing parts of it.  

In 2016 I finally made the step to create my own company. Next to the informal and indivudual interchange between our guests, we are putting a high focus on the protection and conservation of the island ecosystem and the wildlife, also trying to support the local communities and businesses as much we can.  

Peace and Just Enjoy :)